Demand for
Constant Improvement

Humm's Feedback Platform solves many problems we face in learning more from our customers and employees.


Higher Capture Rates

Traditional surveys result in very low capture rates. Most survey results never reach leadership unabridged.

More Detail

Traditional surveys do not provide the detail we typically require to take action or identify the source of perceived problems.

Immediate Alerts

Traditional surveys lack immediacy and urgency. This results in significant delays between the experience, reporting and action.

Easy Setup

Traditional survey programs are difficult to set up, costly to administer and lack the agility to respond quickly to changing priorities.

Humm Survey Modes

In addition to tablets, web and more, Humm has a full-feature Live API for integrating the Humm experience into any existing workflow.



Tablet-based Humm experiences support live, in-the-moment insights.


Kiosk-based Humm experiences support passive, always present insights anywhere.

QR Codes

Jumpstart Humm web experiences with custom designed QR Codes.


Web-based Humm experiences support both in and after-the-moment insights.


Integrate Humm experiences into existing tablet-based workflows.

Our Live Feedback Solutions

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