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Get 80x more feedback than surveys, immediate results, and the most precise insights about your business.


Get Started Immediately

No contracts. A simple activation process, premium startup support from our Success Team and fast shipping gets your business activated within days.

Live Feedback Tablets

Reflect the beauty of your brand with unique design elements. Tailor all aspects of the experience with custom brand graphics, colors and tone of voice to create engaging experiences for your customers.

Live Alerts Drive Immediate Action

Route text and email alerts live to leadership to drive real-time intervention. From product quality, to staff performance, team processes and more, intelligently route feedback to those who can act fast.

Live Reports Communicate Insights

Generate reports that communicate best to your organization. Enhance staff meetings, performance reviews, goal settings and more with advanced reports generated on the fly or schedule regularly to institutionalize learnings.

Live Dashboards Focus Your Team

Live Dashboards for TVs helps everyone in your team focus on the right now work that improves your business. Make your data look great with no distractions or unnecessary complexity. Live Dashboards are designed with one thing in mind: to make your most important metrics clear and easy-to-understand.

Access Anytime Metrics on Live Portal

Access key metrics, trends and more anytime, anywhere. Use your web browser to log in to your account 24x7. Monitor key performance metrics, live feedback streams and overall guest sentiment. See your locations, staff, categories and more ranked from the most important perspective, your guests'. Administer all of Humm's advanced features, generate complex reports, export data and more.

Collect & Monitor Online Reviews

Constantly monitor reviews from Google, TripAdvisor, Yelp and other sources. Get alerts of new reviews and analyze trends alongside your Humm feedback. Humm's language analyzer scores reviews objectively, identifying trends and performance uninfluenced by personal feelings or emotions.

Track Staff Performance

Humm's Live Feedback platform gives you and your staff live, honest and transparent feedback directly from your guests, before they leave. Identify trends in performance to keep your top talent and manage up or out low performers. Self documents the guests perspective, removes perceived manager bias, helps managers assume the coach role, easily.