Helping Restaurants Reach Their Full Potential
Rediscover your business with real-time feedback & instant analytics.

Engage Guests

Say goodbye to single-digit response rates. With Humm’s On-Premise technology, you can expect more than 85% of your guests to respond.

Discover Insights

Our powerful suite of tools, including advanced text analytics, mobile alerts and trend spotting, reveal who and what is working well. Instantly.

Take Action

The data-rich portal helps forge new email relationships, share positive feedback online, discover the cause of negativity and manage waitstaff objectively.

Identify & Solve Issues Instantly

Whether you’re rewarding a top performer or responding to a guest, Humm’s robust ecosystem keeps you in effortless control of your business.

Market in the Moment

Promote specials and events straight from the device.

Track Performance

Gain insight & transparency into staff and operations.

Head Off Negativity

Give guests a chance to vent before they go online.

Receive Instant Alerts

Receive real-time updates via SMS and email.

Enjoy Anytime Reporting

Create and share rich reports of your data.

Rediscover Your Restaurant

And take control of your online reputation.
Email Capture Rate
Watch your authentic email database soar in no time.
Guest Response rate
That’s no typo. You’ll know it all. And we’ll help you utilize it.
When guests vent on-premise, you save face online.
Between gaining customer emails and eliminating negative online reviews, the system has paid for itself.
No question.
Robert Irvine
Celebrity Chef, Restaurateur & Humm Partner
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We’re so confident in Humm’s capabilities that If we don’t make the operational, relational, and reputational impact we promise, you’re under no obligation to fulfill your service agreement.
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Humm is offering a progressive spin on traditional feedback methods to potential customers that aren't yet ready to accommodate our on-premise innovation.  Our starter offerings include comment card, voice, web, email or text feedback at no cost.  Learn More
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