Free and instant customer texting service from Humm

No matter how you are getting food to your customers, you must maintain open lines of communication with them. Repeat business will be key in the coming weeks. With the mission of supporting restaurants during this challenging time, Humm is offering Live Text to restaurants for free, which will let your customers text or call you directly after receiving their order.


1. Free Stickers

To help support your business Humm will provide you with 1,000 free stickers that you can apply to all take-out and delivery orders. Place Humm stickers on take-out and delivery packaging so customers can text or voicemail feedback.

2. Free setup and access to Live Alerts.

Identify guests who aren't completely satisfied right now, and know exactly how to improve their experience. Live Alerts are collected all in one place on Humm.

A Humm team member will help you get set up ASAP.

• SMS & Voice Feedback
• Instant alerts (Text & Email)
• Live reports and overview of how you’re doing

3. Free Support and growth counseling

Once your Humm Live Texts are up and running you'll get direct feedback from your delivery customers all in one place. Identify any issues with your delivery and respond quickly to ensure your delivery customers continue to re-order from you.

Improve consistently with data-driven goals, measuring each step on your path to perfection. Analyze live trends and who's best suited to take the lead.

Staying in contact with your customers is as important as ever.
Increase your customer loyalty in this challenging time.

"Absolutely Transformative. Between gaining customer contacts & eliminating negative online reviews, Humm has paid for itself. No Question" 

Robert Irvine, Restauranteur & Celebrity Chef
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