Psychology First, Then Technology

Bernard Briggs
October 1, 2019
Bernard is the Founder of Humm, constantly exploring simple and elegant ways to innovate the feedback experience.

I often get asked what differentiates our real-time feedback platform from other seemingly-similar approaches to collecting feedback. The answer is rooted in my conviction that Humm is not just a technology company but even more so a psychology company. We offer rich technology, no doubt, but our fundamentals are based in the respect and understanding of the role psychology plays relative to feedback.

I’ve been studying customer feedback for a long time. What I’ve observed is a set of tendencies consumers show when giving or considering giving feedback. Based on this discovery, our team created a set of functional principles to address each behavior:

1. Diminishing Emotion—If you don’t receive feedback at the time of experience, you probably never will. Emotion in the moment, driving the desire to provide feedback will dissipate once the consumer leaves your premises. By receiving instant feedback before a consumer leaves, offers your greatest chance of capturing honest, sincere feedback.

2. Actionable Trends—Negative feedback can leave you with a lot of questions. But once you identify a trend, versus a few anecdotal opinions, you are able to take informed action and make positive changes to your business.

3. Empowering Anonymity—Most people avoid confrontation and will not provide the level of specific, constructive criticism (if any at all) that your business may need to hear in order to grow. By giving consumers a voice to provide real-time feedback with a degree of anonymity, you empower them to confidently engage, which will give you the most authentic feedback possible.

4. Eruptive Behavior—When angry, people need an outlet, they want to vent and they want to be heard. If you give them an opportunity to vent on premise, they’re magnitudes less likely to experience the desire to vent again. Thereby avoiding and heading off a potential blow up online in view of millions.

We created our Humm technology platform to recognize and address these psychological principles. With our feedback tablets, customers can integrate our platform into their organization in an organic way that works best for them. For example, some nest our tablets in a lobby kiosk, others make them available as guest check presenters after a meal, others leave them in other strategic locations throughout their business. Regardless of the modality, the feedback comes quickly, comes big, and is presented to the business in a way that allows our customers to make instant decisions, effectively transforming their businesses in real-time.

Consumer psychology drives our technology. We have leveraged our expertise very successfully in both the hospitality sector, including but not limited to restaurants, private clubs, and hotels, and the healthcare sector, including hospital systems and clinic groups. As we continue to evolve our platform, we commit to giving customers in all industries the feedback platform they need to reach their full potential.