Improving Food Sport's Scorekeeping with Live Dashboards

Talia Bennick
October 20, 2019

We had a blast as the official Live Technology Partners of the World Food Championships (WFC) in Dallas last week, and are thrilled that the biggest competition in food sport is now taking place in Humm’s home state of Texas. 

“We are so excited to have Humm back on board with us at WFC,” said Mike McCloud, president and CEO of WFC. “Their capabilities are remarkable, and through them, we’ll be able to show Food Sport stats and results like never before.”

Humm kept the public informed about the performance of over 1,400 cooks across 42 states and 15 countries competing for the World Food Champion Title in these categories: Barbecue, Bacon, Burger, Chef, Chili, Dessert, Recipe, Sandwich, and Seafood with our Live Dashboards.

On top of Live Dashboards for Food Sport, Humm is a Live Feedback Platform for the Hospitality industry, providing restaurants with a suite of robust analytics, including Live Alerts before the guest has left. All WFC competitors qualify for a free 3-month trial of Humm. Click here to get started. 

Check out some our Live Dashboard views from the week!