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How to Keep Your Business Running During COVID-19: Relief Funding

An interactive list of relief funding opportunities available to restaurant businesses and people within the hospitality industry. 

Are You Ready for Delivery Service At Your Restaurant Today? 7 Things to Know

With the pandemic, restaurants everywhere need to adopt to-go and delivery services in order to survive. Here's what you need to know about delivery service.

The Top 5 Restaurant Delivery Services for Your Business

Amid global uncertainty, restaurants everywhere need to rely on food delivery services to survive. Which one is the right one for your restaurant?

How to Keep Your Restaurant Business Running during Coronavirus: Curbside & Delivery

What top restaurants in the country  are doing to stay afloat: Omakase for delivery, Wine Pairings at curbside, and Ginger Turmeric shots

Can You Increase Customer Satisfaction with Technology in Your Restaurant?

You can indeed increase customer satisfaction with technology. 1 in 5 diners will have a poor experience, but 95% will not tell you to your face. That's where technology comes in.

How to Keep Your Restaurant Business Running during COVID-19: Communication

The key to keeping your customers coming is communication, communication, communication.

5 Proven Ways to Get More Google Business Reviews (And 1 Thing to Never Do)

The majority of consumers (88 percent!) say that they trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. So how can you generate positive, enthusiastic Google business reviews?

Use These 4 Tips to Improve Customer Experiences in Your Restaurant

Does your restaurant offer a terrific customer experience? Follow these tips for better customer service that will help your restaurant thrive.

8 Surprising Benefits of Restaurant Management Software

How do these shiny new features translate into tangible improvements for your restaurant business?

How to Write the Best Customer Satisfaction Survey for Your Restaurant

Restaurant customer satisfaction surveys give your customers a voice. Learn how to create surveys that can help you turn bad customer experiences around.

5 Steps to Success for Your Expanding Restaurant Group

Expanding your successful restaurant business? Here are five things that help restaurant groups achieve success as they grow.

Restaurants Fail But Yours Doesn’t Have To Be One of Them

Read about the common pitfalls that cause expanding restaurants to fail, and learn how to spot the signs of failure early.

A Brief History of Customer Feedback

When you think about “customer satisfaction reviews” what comes to mind? You probably don’t think of a clay tablet, do you?

Oh, Sh!t, my server cried during a performance review. Millennials, am I right?

72% of millennials want honest and transparent feedback on a weekly basis. The performance review is not cutting it.

Improving Food Sport's Scorekeeping with Live Dashboards

We had a blast as the official Live Technology Partners of the World Food Championships (WFC) in Dallas last week, and are thrilled that the biggest competition in food sport is now taking place in Humm’s home state of Texas. 

Psychology First, Then Technology

Humm is not just a technology company but even more so a psychology company.