Absolutely transformative.
Between gaining customer emails and eliminating negative online reviews, the system has paid for itself. No question.
James Smith
Director of Hospitality
City Name, ST
Absolutely transformative.
Between gaining customer emails and eliminating negative online reviews, the system has paid for itself. No question.
James Smith
Director of Hospitality
City Name, ST
Absolutely transformative.
Between gaining customer emails and eliminating negative online reviews, the system has paid for itself. No question.
James Smith
Director of Hospitality
City Name, ST

The On-Premise Difference

Makes All The Difference


Say hello to 80-90% response rates thanks to Humm’s fast, on-premise, touch screen technology designed to respect your patient’s time.


Immediate feedback, SMS alerts and potent search and trending tools reveal what aspects of your patient care is working well, or not. Instantly.


When patients have a voice in real-time, you're able to take corrective action well before they leave, insuring a more positive experience throughout.

Humm In Restaurants

Guest Feedback Served Beautifully

Improve Operational, MENU and SERVeR Performance
Build New Email Relationships with Guests
Reduce Online Negative reviews and Promote positivity

* Custom guest check presenters available in variety of styles and colors, including standing kiosks

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Hopdoddy Takes Restaurant Experience to the Next Level with Humm

Humm, an on-premise realtime feedback platform and Hopdoddy Burger Bar, today announced a partnership to improve the restaurant’s dining experience through realtime customer feedback. Hopdoddy co-founders, Guy Villavaso, Larry Foles, Chuck Smith and Larry Perdido, turned to Humm after Smith and Perdido’s use of the platform drove significant customer experience improvements at Moonshine, another of the duo’s Austin ventures. Today, Hopdoddy utilizes Humm across all locations in Texas, California, Arizona, and Colorado.

What's Broken With Customer Service: Irvine & Briggs

Few people know the restaurant business better than celebrity chef Robert Irvine. Now, he's helping hospitality brands take their business to the next level as partner at Humm, a real-time feedback platform aimed at uncovering and improving the guest experience -- from menu selection to server friendliness to overall ambiance. Along with chef Irvine we spoke to Bernard Briggs, co-founder and CEO of Humm to about why they're both so passionate about investing in food tech.

Data Immediacy Drives Sales & Improves Service

In a world where guests are more connected than ever, every interaction can be a make or break situation, with opinions — both good and bad — broadcast almost instantaneously to mass audiences via social media. For restaurants like AXELS (www.axelsrestaurants.com), a tech-savvy demographic of guests have higher expectations than ever before, and a strong desire to be heard by the companies they choose to frequent.

Long John Silver's Captain Bell Inspires Tech Platform

Humm, a technology platform that supports clients including the likes of Yale-New Haven Hospital, Marriott, and Disney, all started with the ringing of a dinner bell, literally. 

World Food Championships Names Humm Official Technology Sponsor

World Food Championships today announced that Humm will be the official Technology partner for the 2015 World Food Championships, taking place Nov 3-10 in Kissimmee, Florida. The WFC is the largest competition in food sport, where champions of previous events compete for a chance at winning the ultimate food crown and a share of $300,000.

BI data dashboards help businesses focus on analytics ROI

Since implementing the tool and the data dashboard in 2013, Nath has seen double-digit yearly growth in revenue at the restaurants using the technology, which surpasses previous growth rates, according to Wachman. In addition, the general customer satisfaction score at the restaurants has increased from an average of 88% to 95%.

Interview: Schilleci’s New Orleans Kitchen

We use Humm Systems, allowing our customers to rate us before they leave the restaurant. When the customer gets the check they also get an iPad which surveys them about the overall service. We get it in real time, so if there is anything wrong with our service or the food, we have the ability to fix the issue before they walk out of the door.

Undercooked? New App Lets The Restaurant Know In Real Time

Diners now have a new way to get their point across while eating out. Customers can enter their thoughts on the meal or the service into a phone or tablet and get an immediate response.

Hospitality Technology Reveals 2014 Restaurant Breakthrough Award Winners

First-time Breakthrough Award winner, Truluck’s Restaurant Group has been recognized for innovation in customer engagement for its implementation of a customer feedback platform that uses the tenets of psychology in order to pinpoint  customers’ emotional peaks.

10 Cool Restaurant Marketing Resources to Keep An Eye On

NextRestaurants Directory highlights 10 restaurant marketing resources they recommend you look into.

Dishing up real-time feedback for restaurants

In the newest Net Promoter System podcast episode, we hear from two people who have recognized this dynamic and are trying to do something about it. Bernard Briggs is the CEO and founder of Humm, a company that provides systems for collecting customer feedback at restaurants, stores and other retail environments. Robert Irvine is a restaurant owner and the host of the popular Food Network show, Restaurant: Impossible. He has actually put the system to use at his restaurants.

22 Deliciously Useful Resources for Restaurants

Want to know what customers are saying about your restaurant online and on-premise? Humm Systems provides access to all reviews, meaning you won’t have to perform extensive internet searches or read dozens of feedback cards. Humm also features a widget for sharing positive feedback on all social channels instantly and easily.

Is It Possible to Intercept Negative Reviews Before They Reach Yelp?

According to a 2013 National Customer Rage Study, more than a third of customers take their complaints online—to Yelp, Twitter, Facebook and TripAdvisor, among other sites.

New Technology Provides Instant Restaurant Customer Feedback

In a social media-savvy market like Austin, it’s hard to imagine restaurateurs who aren’t aware of the online responses to their business. However, being out of touch with customer feedback can be a serious problem.