On-Premise, Real-Time Feedback

2012 in Austin, TX
5000+ in the US, Canada and the UK
Industries Served
Healthcare, Hospitality and Others

The Story

Might Sound A Bit Fishy

Twelve years ago, Humm’s founder was having lunch with his sons at a Long John Silvers. He noticed satisfied customers would happily ring a captain’s bell on their way out, and in return employees would cheer with gratitude for the affirmation. The restaurant’s environment immediately changed, for the better.

Wouldn't the owners of this establishment appreciate the feedback as well? What if some days the bell rang more than others? What if the bells stopped ringing? With modern technology, there must be a way to capture all this feedback literally walking right out the door. 
It was from these initial questions that Humm was born.

Leadership Team

Determined To Make Humm Soar

Bernard Briggs

Chief Executive Officer

Scott Grubb

Chief Operating Officer

Vincent Salvo

Chief Growth Officer